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4.5 Router Status

An introduction to the router working status. Including the mobile connection, active Wi-Fi networks, connected hosts, and traffic bandwidth.

4.5.1 - Device Information

After access the router, on the front page or go to Status > Overview, you can find the mobile connection details and various cellular signal quality under the column of Device.
Click the Reacquire button to update the mobile connection status and received cellular signal quality. To check the IP address of the mobile connection, go to Network > Interfaces > Mobile (or Mobile_4).
  • Mobile Modem: The model number of cellular modem which allows the router to receive Internet access via a mobile broadband connection.
    • SIM Card: The active SIM card using in the router, Primary SIM1, or Secondary SIM2.
    • IMEI Number: International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Its a unique serial number of the mobile modem.
    • Mobile Operator: The provider of wireless communications services. *Usually the same as the SIM card provider.
    • Mobile Connection: Shows Connected or Disconnected. *For QMI protocol only.
    • Network Band: Indicates the current cellular frequency the router is using.
    • Roaming: It refers to the SIM card used in outside the range of its home network and connects to another available cell network. The mobile modem turned on roaming by default. It depends on the SIM card also.
    • Global Cell ID: Is a globally unique identifier for a cell tower in mobile phone networks.
    • Location Area Code: LAC is the internationally unique identifier for each Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN), which used for location updating of mobile subscribers.
    • MCC: Mobile Country Code identifies the country in which a mobile subscriber belongs.
    • MNC: Mobile Network Code indicates the mobile network type.
  • Signal Strength
    • RSRP: The average power received from a single reference signal. *It's the primary signal strength indicator of the 4G LTE cellular network.
    • RSRQ: Indicates the quality of the received signal.
    • RSSI: Represents the entire received power, including the necessary power from the serving cell as well as all cochannel power and other sources of noise. *The primary signal strength indicator of 2G 3G networks.
    • SNR: The signal-to-noise ratio of the given signal.
Cellular router status of device information

4.5.2 - Router Traffic

i. Active Connections

On the Status > Overview, the Active Connections shows the max connection limitation and the number of active connections. To check the details of the Source and Destination of the active connections, please go to Status > Realtime Graphs > Connections.

ii. Traffic Bandwidth

To check the sum of user traffic, please go to Services > Bandwidth Monitor.

iii. Internet Gateway

The IPv4 Upstream table shows the first interface with a gateway.
Cellular router network gateway and DHCP leases

iv. Active DHCP Leases

The active DHCP leases indicate the connected hosts on both Wi-Fi and LAN. To check more details of DHCP leases and configure the static DHCP leases, please go to Network > DHCP and DNS.

4.5.3 - Wireless Status

On the Status > Overview, the Wireless section shows active Wi-Fi networks, including both Wi-Fi master hotspot and Wi-Fi relay clients.
Wireless networks of Wi-Fi hotspots and Wi-Fi relay clients