3.1 Install Antennas

Choose a stronger signal reception location for the EZR23 router.

3.1.1 - Choose A Location

In your mobile phone, you can read signal bars followed by carrier name and network symbol.
There are various mobile networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, and even the newest 5G NR networks. To get a fast and stable internet connection on the EZR23 outdoor router, we shall input a strong 4G LTE signal to the router.
The mobile modem sensitivity is -101dBm, we should input at least 2-bar 4G LTE signals for the router. You can use your phone walk around and choose a location with a strong 4G signal reception for the EZR23 router.
4G Signal Quality Chart

3.1.2 - Install Antennas

There is a total of four antenna sockets on the EZR23 router. All of them are SMA-female connectors.
When installing the antennas, put router and antennas in straight direction to avoid bending the pins in the connector. Twist the SMA-male connector on antennas in the clockwise direction to install the antennas on the router. Make sure the connection is tight.
The two wide panels on the 4G paddle antennas have a higher performance. Please adjust the paddle direction point towards to outside or signal source to receive a better signal.
Install 4G WiFi Antennas on EZR23 Router

3.1.3 - Check Signal Strength on Router

Insert a SIM card and log in EZR23 router admin, on the front page you can check the cellular network band and RSRP signal strength. You can change the router location and adjust the 4G antenna directions to improve the signal reception on the router.
EZR23 4G Router - Mobile Network Signals
The closer the number is to zero, the better the reception, so -90dB is a stronger signal than -100dB.
The numerical value of 2G and 3G networks are RSSI standard. And LTE network is RSRP standard which is Reference Signal Receive Power.

3.1.4 - Upgrade Antenna

When you have a weak signal reception, please consider upgrading the 4G mobile antenna with a higher-gain antenna. The MIMO panel antenna can point towards the cell tower and receive stronger 4G signals.
To connect to the other mobile or WiFi antennas, make sure these antennas having the standard SMA-male connectors. You can both of MIMO antenna and single-polarized antenna on the router. If its the single-polarized antenna, please connect to the Mobile-Main socket on the left side.