1. Introduction

EZR23 series indoor 4G LTE router with dual-SIM card slot and powerful Wi-Fi booster.
EZR23 indoor router has built-in a 4G LTE mobile modem and MIMO Wi-Fi booster. It uses Nano-SIM cards to connect to the mobile networks, then provides the Internet connection on its Wi-Fi hotspot and LAN Ethernet connection. ‌
EZR23 4G Router Working Principle
The EZR23 4G router has powerful 27dBm 2.4GHz Wi-Fi booster inside with transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps. The Wi-Fi signal can cover 100-200 yards in radius in the open space.
Include innovative high-gain paddle 4G antennas. Ideal for providing internet in home, office, shop, restaurant, caravan, and industrial applications.
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