6.3 Verify SIM Card

Verify the SIM card installation and registration on the cellular networks.

6.3.1 - Check SIM Card

The cellular router requires a SIM card to set up the internet connection over mobile networks. You can use both data SIM cards or regular phone SIM cards on the EZR23 router.
If the Mobile interface has not connected to the cellular networks, please check the below factors.
  • Please ensure the SIM card is workable and activated. You can test it on a mobile phone before insert in the EZR23 router.
    • Ensure your SIM card is eligible to access the cellular 4G LTE networks.
    • If it's a new SIM card, please follow the instructions from the mobile carrier and activate it.
  • Please check the golden contacts on the SIM card.
    • If some of the golden contacts are broken or missing, the SIM card is not workable.
    • If there are dirties on the golden contacts, please clean the SIM card.
  • The precise SIM cardholder has only one way to settle the SIM card correctly. If using a non-standard SIM card, please refer to the insert SIM card to reinstall it.
  • There are two SIM slots on the SIM card holder. The EZR23 router use SIM1 slot by default. Please insert your SIM card in the SIM1 slot. You can switch the router to use SIM2 slot on the firmware. Go to Network > Interface > Mobile: Edit > General Setup > Active SIM Card.
Please always turn off the router power before insert or take out the SIM card. If you were inserting a SIM card when the router powered on, please run a hard reboot by reconnecting the PoE adapter.

6.3.2 - SIM Card Registration

After inserting a SIM card and the router is powered on, go to the command-line interface, and use the command gcom to check the SIM card status and registration result.


As the below standard example shows, if the SIM card installed correctly, it should return SIM ready on line 2. If the SIM card is eligible to access the cellular network, you can get the registration result on line 4, which indicates the mobile carrier's name.
root@OutdoorRouter:~# gcom
Trying list of devices
SIM ready
Waiting for Registration..(120 sec max)
Registered on Home network: ""CHN-UNICOM"",7
Signal Quality: 28,99


If there is no SIM card installed or SIM card installed incorrectly or SIM card is non-workable, the return value shows ***SIM ERROR***, like the below example.
root@OutdoorRouter:~# gcom
Trying list of devices
Check device port configuration.
Check SIM is inserted
Test SIM in a mobile phone?


If there is no cellular signal or SIM card that is not eligible to access the mobile network, it will shows SIM ready also, but the registration progress will take max 120 seconds to complete. The registration result will shows Failed to register like the below example.
  • Check if have the 3G or 4G cellular signal reception.
  • You can check with the mobile carrier if the SIM card is eligible to access 3G or 4G networks.
root@OutdoorRouter:~# gcom
Trying list of devices
SIM ready
Waiting for Registration..(120 sec max).............................................................
Failed to register